Little Pyg

Maestro Enzo Coccia

Michelin Maestro Enzo Coccia, a “Pizzaiolo with an identity, a brain and a soul” brings his award winning pizza exclusively to Little Pyg in Dublin.

His authentic Neapolitan pizza is acknowledged as one of the best globally by outlets such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal to name just a few.

His passion for creating authentic Neapolitan pizza began as he followed in his father’s footsteps in their family pizzeria. From his life long experience in pizza making, to undertaking a Masters degree, launching his own Pizza Consulting School, and opening an award winning restaurant, La Notizia, in Naples – he has excelled in the industry and is renowned for blending traditional Neapolitan techniques with fresh, innovative ingredients to create truly unique and flavour-rich pizzas.

Now, Little Pyg is delighted to bring “Maestro Enzo Coccia’s legendary Neapolitan pizzas to Dublin’s Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. What makes our pizzas even more special? All our authentic Italian pizzas are bursting with flavour from fresh, high quality ingredients and unique recipes, but with at least 50% less calories than the standard Neapolitan style pizza.