Little Pyg

About Our food

Here at Little Pyg, we are passionate about bringing people true authentic cuisine in a unique garden setting in Dublin’s Powerscourt Townhouse.

300 years of Italian technique go into our pizza making process and this is evident in the sumptuous authentic Neapolitan style pizzas, served by our specially trained chefs and Michelin Maestro Enzo Coccia.

Even better, each of our exceptionally crafted pizzas contain at least 50% less calories than a standard Neapolitan pizza, whilst being acknowledged as among the world’s best in terms of taste and authenticity.

Every step of our pizza making process is monitored to ensure only the best quality pizzas are served in a truly distinctive and lush garden setting.

From ourspectacular oven built on-site from scratch brick by brick, and how we prepare this wood-fired oven for use, to the specific temperature the oven must maintain, the quality of the oil and toppings used, the traditional methods of checking the freshness of ingredients such as Mozzarella, the dough making and flipping process, as well as the very precise time each pizza must cook for (55 seconds each) and so much more, we ensure that each customer’s pizza earns its’ world class title.